Great ideas and creativity are at the heart of our approach and we present our work with clarity and simplicity.

We offer a bespoke service to ensure that our work meets the specific requirements of our clients. We listen carefully to your aims and objectives before formulating an appropriate strategy to deliver the most effective results.

For the past eleven years we have built a trusted network of collaborators whose approach to design compliments our own, including writers, photographers, illustrators, web programmers and printers. This allows us to assemble the best possible team to meet the needs of each new project.

Above all, we strive to make the process of design a clear, collaborative and enjoyable experience for all involved.


Design can’t solve everything. Without the right words, our graphic design would be a hollow shell. Michael is simply the best wordsmith we know.

Michael Evamy
If only we could all view the world through Julian’s eyes. His photographs capture the moments that most of us would miss.

Julian Anderson
To get all the projects on this website, we needed a photographer who cared about our work as much as we do. Alan fulfills that role admirably. Thanks Alan!

Alan Batham
Dayfold has provided print to us since the beginning and have proved reliable, helpful and creative. These guys can handle anything – we salute you.

Dayfold Print
Richard is a master of web programming and built this website for us, among others. We make his life hell with our demands but he always steps up to the mark.

Web programmer
Robert makes things. You name it, he can make it. In fact, he made David’s bathroom shelf and lots of other exciting things for Untitled.

Capital Models
Mark claims to be able to screenprint onto any material and we have yet to prove him wrong. His printing is faultless (and smells lovely).

Robert runs a talented team of cutting-edge web programmers. They put an enormous amount of effort into making our website designs look effortless.

Web programmers
Contrary to popular belief, most designers can’t draw. Roger draws all sorts of interesting things and he’ll usually email them back to us in ten minutes flat.

Roger Taylor
We’ve known Alison for over ten years. She writes, she edits, she proofreads and she’s incredibly quick and reliable. She writes a good poem too!

Alison Hill
Writer, copy editor, poet
Need to show cutaway section of a building that doesn’t even exist yet? If so, John’s your man, he makes the impossible possible.

John Hewitt
If the repro is bad, don’t expect it to get any better when its printed. John and his trusted team handle most of our repro, scanning and retouching work.

Dawkins Colour
We collaborated with Stephania to create some bespoke gates of all things. To be associated with her insanely beautiful architecture is such a huge privilege.

Justin is tall, very tall. And when we print our work onto his selection of exceptionally fine papers, he makes us feel tall too.

Fenner Paper
Paper supplier
Craig's website says: ‘If you can design it, we can produce it’. We’ve known these guys for such a long time and they have never disappointed us.

Ltd Limited
Exhibition graphics
We are in love with Colorplan, especially ebony black. There, we said it. Show us a better black paper stock and we’ll eat our swatch book.

GF Smith Paper
Paper supplier
They say you can take the measure of a man by studying his golf swing. We have yet to witness Danny’s, but the printing he does for us is definitely on parr.