Untitled were commissioned to create a distinctive brand identity for Drove Weavers, the last remaining power loom in Langholm, Scotland. The mill is owned and run by the local community and makes high quality woven cloth for many of the world’s finest brands. While their methods and processes are traditional, the new brand is far from old and twee. The distinctive textile designs are bold and graphic and they needed a new visual identity to reflect that. 

After much research, we rebranded the company as DROVE. This simplified name references the process of moving farm animals from one place to another, something that happened frequently on Drove Road, where their premises are located. The new logotype references the road too. A graphic bar navigates it’s way through alternating letterforms, in much the same way that thread and yarn is weaved to create new fabrics.

This graphic bar is also deployed as a visual device across their promotional materials including throw and scarf labels, swing tags, a website and advertising.