The crux

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We design stuff...

The short story

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Untitled is a graphic design studio that provides inspiration and creative solutions for many types of businesses and organisations. Our portfolio is varied and includes brand identities, brochures, websites, exhibitions, books and magazines. We enjoy working with like-minded individuals and companies who share our values and aspirations. We aim to offer the best design solutions to meet your individual needs.

The long story

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Who we are

We are David Hawkins and Glenn Howard, the founders and driving force behind Untitled, a multi-disciplinary design studio with an ambition to create great work. Together, we nurture each and every project from inception through to completion. 

Our small, efficient studio continually punches above its weight and applies its considerable design skills across a wide-range of disciplines, spanning sectors such as the arts and publishing to large businesses and high-profile individuals. 

We treasure the relationships we build with our long-standing clients and many of them have gone on to become great friends. We’re only ever happy if our clients are happy too. 

What we do

Gaining respect for our clients is at the heart of what we do. Our work aims to express our clients’ personality and form a unique signature, a visual representation of their intentions and ideals, to help them communicate more effectively with their customers. 

We love creating new brands and building a comprehensive visual language around them. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a fledgling brand flourish and succeed. We’re equally happy to continue the work of others, to help evolve existing brands by encouraging them to find innovative new ways of presenting themselves. 

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked on a diverse range of projects and created everything from books to building façades, food and drink packaging to digital brand experiences. The common thread that runs through all of these is an obsessive attention to detail and a no-compromise approach to quality. 

How we work

Great ideas and creativity are at the heart of our approach and we present our work with clarity and simplicity. We offer a bespoke service to ensure that our work meets the specific requirements of our clients. We listen carefully to your brief, perhaps suggesting and provoking a few additions, before formulating an appropriate strategy to deliver the most effective results. 

It’s our intention to generate an infectious enthusiasm for each new concept. Although we regularly deploy a consistent set of aesthetic sensibilities, we don’t have a fixed style or archetype. Instead, we enjoy exploring innovative forms and original notions for each new challenge. Our only prerequisite is a desire to be proud of our work and be confident that it has been well-designed. 

We’re budget efficient, timeline orientated and strive to make the design process a clear, collaborative and enjoyable experience for all involved. 


Over the past eighteen years, we’ve built a trusted network of specialists whose design ethos compliments our own, including writers, photographers, illustrators, programmers, printers, packaging experts and project managers. Collaborating with other creative people allows us to assemble the best possible team to meet the needs of each new project as well as being a catalyst for better ideas, new perspectives and original content.

Our experience

Have a look at our portfolio and client list. This only shows a small selection of our work and a concise summary of some often-complex executions, but we’re confident that it expresses the extent of our experience. Untitled has been consistent in its approach for almost two decades, something that few London design studios can boast. During that time, we’ve remained focused on our core beliefs and resisted the temptation to diverge and ultimately dilute our services. This persistence, combined with relentless creativity, has garnered us an unrivalled body of work that we (and our clients) feel very proud of. 

Our ethos

  • We love print. 
  • Intelligence and thoughtfulness are key to our work.  
  • All of our work needs to be efficient and noteworthy. 
  • Humour and playfulness are important. 
  • Restraint is very, very important – we know when to hold back. 
  • Materiality and tactility shouldn’t be forgotten. 
  • Subtlety and consideration are often better than quirkiness and gimmicks. 
  • Digital experiences should be warmer and more heartfelt.  
  • Be nice to clients. 
  • Integrity and sincerity are critical. 
  • We love print! 
  • Timelessness and elegance deliver the best long-term results but sometimes you need to be en vogue and of the moment. 
  • It is important to be clear and concise – simplicity speaks volumes.
  • We respect the past but we are forward-looking designers. 
  • While we are rooted in modern and contemporary aesthetics, we also respect classic styles and long-standing techniques. 
  • We want to work with like-minded people and make working together an enjoyable and beneficial experience. 
  • We know what’s going on in the world, especially so in our own microcosm. 
  • Did we mention that we love print?