Heather Rajaratnam+

Heather Rajaratnam is a conceptual artist who creates bold, sculptural jewellery from recycled precious metals. Her dramatic designs are inspired by ancient historical female icons and offer the wearer strength and empowerment. 

Untitled were asked to clarify the Heather Rajaratnam brand with the intention of establishing her designs in the highly competitive fashion world. We developed a simple, unique monogram made up of classic letterforms arranged like a sculptural, heritage piece. The resulting ambigram can be read upside down, and used on a much larger scale to create tactile embossed patterns on her printed materials. 

The most important element of the brand’s visual identity was how Heather’s work would be photographed. We knew that if we got the photography right, then everything else would fall into place. We commissioned photographer David Hughes, who created wonderfully iconic, memorable and energetic images. These were successfully deployed across her online channels and have become the cornerstone of Heather Rajaratnam’s powerful, distinctive brand.

Photography by David Hughes

Print by Dayfold Print