Skippers Mill 2020+

Untitled were commissioned to create a distinctive brand for a new clothing company, Skippers Mill. Their ethos is produce high quality knitwear made from 100% pure wool, made on waste-free machines using only renewable electricity. They only make one kind of sweater, a classic crew neck, but it’s available in 31 carefully chosen colours.

The company was founded in 2020, a challenging year when strict social distancing rules made the traditional ‘model-wearing-the-clothes’ photo shoots almost impossible. Our solution was to commission illustrator David Bray to develop an Animal Kingdom, a cast of characters who could take the place of their human counterparts. These illustrations were skilfully transposed onto the wonderful product shots taken by photographer Julian Anderson. Although this concept was born out of necessity, we like this approach so much that it has now become and integral part of the Skippers Mill brand. Further brand applications include product packaging, clothing labels, a seasonal newspaper, and a comprehensive shopping cart website.



Painting & Drawing