We first met Steve (aka Sillygoat) when he built the staircase that leads up to Untitled’s studio. We soon discovered that he has a passion for climbing and that he sculpts wonderfully tactile climbing holds made out of sustainable oak offcuts. We fell in love with them too and, for fun, we asked him to install a set adjacent to our staircase. (They can be seen in the ‘Studio’ section of this website). We encouraged him to start an Instagram account to promote his products and helped him to create a distinctive Sillygoat identity. We commissioned the illustrator David Bray to create a bespoke goat character to become the face of the brand. Sillygoat turns up in all kinds of unexpected places – printed onto product labels, applied vinyls on a van, and most appropriately, branded into the wooden products themselves. Due to the characters inevitable popularity, Sillygoat has now expanded his range to include bespoke climbing brushes.