Skippers Mill 2024+

Back in 2020, Untitled helped Scottish knitwear manufacturer, Skippers Mill, to refresh their branding and create a distinctive new look. It was a difficult year to launch a new brand, what with the pandemic, lockdowns and all-round uncertainty. However, Untitled responded by developing a visual identity that didn’t rely on bringing models, stylists and photographers into close proximity and opted for a more illustrative route instead. This proved to be a successful strategy and David Bray’s distinctive ‘animal kingdom’ really helped the brand stand out from their competitors. You can read how that story began by clicking the link below this project.

However, those difficult days are now behind us and Untitled were asked to develop a new photographic campaign for their new range. The Modern Jumper is essentially a single product style that’s available in 50 colours. This classic, seamless jumper is made using a completely waste free process and represents the pinnacle of modern knitwear design. This time, we had the freedom to work with models and photographers and so a shoot was organised in and around Langholm, the town where Skippers Mill is located. The resulting photographs are now being used on their new website, which was designed and built by Untitled using heavily customised versions of Shopify’s available templates. 



Painting & Drawing